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Got an app or service and you want to enable your users to use notifications with their provider of choice? Working on a script and you want to receive notification based on its output? You don’t need to implement a solution yourself, or use individual provider libs. A one stop shop for all notification providers with a unified and simple interface.

Click for a list of currently supported Providers. See latest changes in Changelog.


  • Spend your precious time on your own code base, instead of chasing down 3rd party provider APIs. That’s what we’re here for!

  • With a minimal set of well known and stable dependencies (requests, jsonschema and click) you’re better off than installing 3rd party SDKs.

  • A unified interface means that you already support any new providers that will be added, no more work needed!

  • Thorough testing means protection against any breaking API changes. We make sure your code your notifications will always get delivered!


Via pip:

$ pip install notifiers

Via Dockerhub:

$ docker pull liiight/notifiers

Basic Usage

>>> from notifiers import get_notifier
>>> pushover = get_notifier('pushover')
>>> pushover.required
{'required': ['user', 'message', 'token']}
>>> pushover.notify(user='foo', token='bar', message='test')

From CLI

$ notifiers pushover notify --user foo --token baz "This is so easy!"

As a logger

Directly add to your existing stdlib logging:

>>> import logging
>>> from notifiers.logging import NotificationHandler
>>> log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
>>> defaults = {
...     'token': 'foo',
...     'user': 'bar'
... }
>>> hdlr = NotificationHandler('pushover', defaults=defaults)
>>> hdlr.setLevel(logging.ERROR)
>>> log.addHandler(hdlr)
>>> log.error('And just like that, you get notified about all your errors!')


Providers documentation

API documentation

Development documentation

Notifiers uses poetry

$ poetry install && poetry run pytest


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